3-week courses at Nanotech

The 3-week courses at Nanotech are experimental or theoretical projects. You will work in a team together with a supervisor. The topics for the 3-week courses are all

Catalog of 3-week projects

25. april 2018

Water transfer printing of graphene

Patrick Rebsdorf Whelan (NSE, Nanointegration) & Abhay Shivayogimath (NSE, Nanointegration)Image describing the project

Gas-sensing with non-graphene materials

David Mackenzie (NSE, Nanointegration)Image describing the project

An electronic tongue

Mogens Havsteen Jakobsen (POLYMIC-Surface_Engineering )Image describing the project

Electron energy-loss spectroscopy of surface plasmons

Søren Raza (NSE, Optofluidics)Image describing the project

Using the black silicon method to monitor the reproducibility of plasma etching processes

Bingdong Chang (DANCHIP)Image describing the project

Laser Induced local Pyrolysis

Nina Pedersen (Biomaterial Microsystems)Image describing the project

Fabrication of thru-holes for photovoltaic retinal implant

Rasmus Schmidt Davidsen (Silicon Microtechnology)Image describing the project

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