3-week courses at Nanotech

The 3-week courses at Nanotech are experimental or theoretical projects. You will work in a team together with a supervisor. The topics for the 3-week courses are all

Catalog of 3-week projects

19. januar 2019

Deep reactive ion etching of silicon at nanoscale using SF6 and Oxygen

Vy Thi Hoang Nguyen (DANCHIP)Image describing the project

Pico second laser carving of single crystal diamond X-ray lenses

Paw Tolbod Kristiansen (jjxray)Image describing the project

Fabrication of electrochemical sensors for centrifugal microfluidics

Sriram Thoppe Rajendran (NSE, Nanoprobes)Image describing the project

Liquid gating of graphene

Patrick Rebsdorf Whelan (NSE, Nanointegration) & Bjarke Sørensen Jessen (NSE, Nanointegration)Image describing the project

Synthesis of hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) by chemical vapor deposition (CVD)

Xin Chen (NSE, Nanointegration)Image describing the project

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